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with flushing cistern 6 – 9 l front or top actuation sound-insulating EPS module for masonry-in rail adaptors for modular fixing for single or rail installation wall rail with fixing accessories for single installation 2 WC fixing bolts distance of fixing bolts 180/230 mm fixing device for ceramic outlet bend Ø 90 mm depth adjustable inlet and outlet connecting set   flushing cistern 6 – 9 l containing the following features: pneumatic discharge valve offering 3 modes of operation: dual flush or start/stop or single flush water supply from left/right or top low noise (group I acc. to German Noise Specification) insulated against condensation 1/2” water supply connection angle valve 1/2” shortable inspection shaft incl. protection during construction phase   preparation for shower toilets with additional accessory 40 899 000 (sold separately) for mounting of small flush plates please order revision shaft 40 950 000 (sold separately)

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Weight 8.14 kg
Dimensions 840 × 520 × 215 mm